Balayage – Everything You Must Know About This A-List Color Application Technique

What Is balayage?

Balayage is a hair coloring technique that’s been the go-to trend for celebrities & models alike. Balayage means “sweeping” in French, which describes how this technique works. 

It involves painting on highlights to create natural-looking color transitions to frame your face or achieve other desired looks. Balayage can be applied to both light & dark base colors. 

Still, it’s most commonly used with lighter shades because it has a softer appearance than traditional highlights when contrasted against darker hair colors. 

Balayage is an amazing technique for women to use as they transition into menopause because it’s a subtle hair color change that doesn’t leave you with harsh-looking roots or dry, damaged hair. 


Its Origin & Effectiveness

Balayage is derived from Balai, meaning broom in French & yager, meaning sweep in German. Balayage is usually done by hand using paintbrushes or combs containing semi-permanent dye over a one-inch section of hair. 

  • Balayage is a perfect technique to achieve that sun-kissed look without the negative effects of having your locks laying on the sand all day. 
  • This color application technique allows for more control over how light or dark you want your color & where you place it on your head, making it one of the trends we will see for a while. 
  • Balayage adds shine, depth & makes hair look healthier. 
  • Balayage is perfect for long hair because it creates a more natural flow without harsh lines of demarcation where the color ends & your natural hair begins. 
  • Balayage doesn’t require constant maintenance like traditional highlights do, making for an awesome, low-commitment hair color look. 
  • Balayage is perfect for any hair type & adds dimension to light, medium & dark base hair colors. Balayage does not damage your hair or strip it of natural oils.
  • Balayage will give your locks an ombre-like effect with soft highlights that make it look like natural sunlight has kissed them. 
  • Balayage also lasts much longer than traditional hair coloring methods because each strand of hair can be dyed individually, rather than having all strands in one area colored at once. 


The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, Balayage is a great way to give yourself a little pick me up without going under a bleach bottle & spending hours in a salon chair. It is the perfect way to switch up your look this season & keep those grays at bay! 

Moreover, balayage is a look you’ll love & won’t hate having to maintain every four weeks because this color application technique keeps your hair healthy & looking amazing, which is priceless.

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