Salon Aura’s Color Correction hair makeover process is performed by our color expert stylists to correct any damage caused by a color service gone badly. This could mean that you wanted to be honey blonde & ended up being platinum blonde hair or something as drastic as a chemical being left on your hair too long & the hair is damaged & breaking. Our color expert hair stylists can correct your color disaster & send you on your way with healthy, beautifully & trendy colored hair.
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Color Correction hair makeover may take several visits & therefore prices may vary, as the cost is determined by the amount of work necessary to achieve the desired result. Please understand that it's not easy to calculate the number of visits required beforehand. We recommend you to visit the salon for the initial consultation first & then decide the available services & options.

How Long Does A Color Correction Hair Makeover Service Take?

The Color correction hair makeover process will be defined depending on the hair’s nature & condition. Depending upon your requirement to tone or color the hair, several or just a few visits might be required. Usually, getting blonde in brunette or vice-versa situations requires more than one visit.

But that number increases if you have got the artificial coloring done before. For accurate details, you must consult the hair stylists we have hired. They will let you know without much delaying if the color you want is achievable or not.

We Always Correct With Confidence

For Corrective hair coloring treatments, you have to know its prerequisites beforehand. This means mixing colors, texture status & condition & placing the strands & highlights on the hair. An experienced hairstylist & a colorist, understand every unique lightener necessary for different correct hair techniques. The prime examples are balayage & even the platinum tops the chart. The balayage highlighting method uses a lightener far from the root of the natural highlights. This method is used for ombre or natural blond beauty looks. You can learn more by reading about our balayage services.

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