Different Hair Colors For This Fall

Fall is a season for warm shades & cozy outfits. As the leaves change color, it might signify that you should start thinking about switching your hair color. Your platinum blonde hair may not be the ideal color option as we move into the freezing months.

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If you are uncertain which shades will work best for fall & winter. In this article, we will go over some of the best options in this blog! 

Continue reading to learn more about the ideal hair colors for fall & follow these tips to update your personal style or entirely transform your look!


The Darker The Better

Fall & winter are the ideal time to somewhat try darkening up your hair. Whether you desire to add darker lowlights to your current shade or fully swap out your old look for a unique & bold style, the darkened look is better for these cold months.

If you still desire to have some blonde, try the super hot trend with a great look, the ombré style. Even darkening your blonde hair to somewhat golden blonde can supplement a touch of fall fashion to your hairstyle.

If you have naturally dark hair but usually add some supplementary style highlights, consider getting caramel highlights. These will attach a light effect to your hair & keep it dark & beautiful for the fall.


Grow It Out

If your hair is blonde & you decide to keep it that way, let it grow out, & do not worry about the roots. Dark hair roots are an excellent way to add a touch of darkened hair to your hair look & it is the ideal hairstyle for fall. 

While you might think it’s not a great look but believe us, it is actually a style now. You can really get your hair colored with your roots continuing dark for an easy all-over color that does not require irritating touch-ups.


Add Some Color

Fall is a great time to go & shine boldly with a different & festive color. Shade your hair a deep red, auburn, copper, or other fun fall shades. These shades are fun & can completely change your look.

Or, go can also go against everything we just told & shade your hair white or silver for the whole winter queen look. This shade may wash you out even more, but trust us, it could be entertaining & create a unique appearance that is completely you!

Fall & winter hair shades are usually darker & richer, but that does not mean you can not rock just because of some unique or different shade you want. All you require is the confidence to do so!

Come to us & get your hair colored & ready for fall! This is the ideal opportunity to change up your hairstyle & our hair stylists at My Salon Aura can surely help! View our services & contact us today!