Easiest Hairstyles When You’re In a Hurry

Mornings are never going to be perfect & when you find yourself rushing to get ready after sleeping through all three of your alarms, you know it will be a rough morning. The adrenaline in your body is pumping, your awkward side is coming on stimulating & you’re not in a good mood. 

We, as beauty experts, totally get it; we have all been in these types of situations. Unlike men, most ladies can not simply roll out of bed, put on any jeans, & simply head out the door. 

Everyone knows ladies take time to start their day. Makeup needs to be applied, the matching outfit needs to be picked out, & most importantly, the hair needs to be done.

To make the start of your day even worse, let us say you wake up to an awful hair day, signifying that you simply can not run a brush through your hair locks & assume it good-to-go. Doing anything to your beautiful hair that takes more than five minutes is a no-go, but fortunately, there are easy & quick hairstyles to try when you are in a rush.

At My Salon Aura, we understand what it is like waking up to a bad hair day & on top of that, waking up late is a disaster. This is why My Salon Aura’s experts put together this beneficial guide to help you & your beautiful hair!

Read this article so that when you wake up in the morning & require a hairdo in a rush, you find yourself ready!

The Messy Bun

This is an absolute hairstyle that every woman loves as it is quick, easy, & can be dressed up or dressed down very efficiently. In case if you have already tried the messy bun several times & unfortunately have failed, here in this article, we are going to provide you a step-by-step pattern to help you nail it the next time you try.

  • Commence by picking your hair into a high ponytail
  • Then twist the ponytail from roots to tips
  • As you turn, your hair will start to kink
  • Wrap your hair until all your hair makes a bun
  • Bind this bun with a hair tie
  • You can also use bobby pins to style it more creatively

And voila! Your hair is in a beautifully messy bun.


You can try various braids that will definitely look cute. Just keep your hair tame & it can be done really quickly. This pretty look is not complex whether you do a regular braid, French braid, or fishtail.

Unfortunately, describing details in a fishtail or French braids can get a bit complicated, so stay connected to My Salon Aura’s news section. Soon, we will be listing different braids & showing you how to do them!


A ponytail does not have to look like a last-minute hairdo, even if it is. Style your ponytail in such a way that it seems flirty, fun, & cute! You can utilize a teasing brush to tease your beautiful hair close to your roots, accumulate it in a high ponytail & bind it with a hair tie. 

You can also pull out some hair to make it look messy, or you can also do a slick back style & apply some product to your hair. Believe us, there are various ways to do a ponytail.

These hacks, as mentioned above, are only a few of the many easy & quick hairdos you can do while in a rush. 

Else you can always go for a stylish hat to cover up that bedhead. Either way, after a bad morning like this, be sure to schedule a top-notch hair salon service at My Salon Aura! Contact us today.