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Ideas to Try For Healthy Winter Hair

Of course, winter is full of fun snow activities, cozy blankets, hot cocoa & cuddles on the couch. But it’s also the time for static, dry & damaged hair! Winter is a season that is not friendly to your lush locks, but it does not mean you should start thinking to avoid having fun this winter. Trust us, there are several ways to maintain your hair strong & healthy throughout the winter.

Oh, if you are thinking of exploring the internet for healthy winter hair remedies, no need to tire yourself; instead, read this article & prepare your hair before the cold comes in?

You can follow these experts’ tips of My Salon Aura to help counter winter damage & keep your hair stronger as well as healthier throughout the colder months.

At My Salon Aura, we understand that hair in winter can be one of your worst nightmares, but we are here to aid you in getting your locks ready. This article will cover some of the best advice to prevent your hair from getting damaged this coming winter. So why wait until your hair is already a mess; start caring for it now with below mentioned tips!

Shampoo Less

Shampoo removes natural oils from your hair, which can dehydrate both your hair & your scalp. If you experience a dry & itchy scalp in the winter, try shampooing less as the season gets colder.

This method will aid keep your hair & scalp hydrated & it will also reduce itching & embarrassing flakes. This trick can also help your hair get proper nourishment since the natural oils will definitely have more time to travel down the hair shafts.

Treat it Weekly

No matter what sort of hair you have, you should always think of adding natural & simple hair remedies to your daily routine when winter rolls around. Since the air does not contain lots of moisture, hence your hair dries out. This is why it is necessary to use natural hair treatments to restore that lost moisture.

Try to keep your hair hydrated with healthy hair masks or simply use a top-notch conditioner. Once every week, apply conditioner to your hair & let it rest at least for 30 minutes, letting the conditioner moisturize & soak into the hair shafts.

Use Leave-In Conditioner

If your lovely hair gets somewhat extra static in the cold season, try applying a leave-in conditioner. Always keep your hair well-conditioned & add an additional defense against static by applying a leave-in conditioner. This will assist in keeping your hair well hydrated & let you avoid the nasty static better!

Dye It Dark

During the winter season, avoid dying your beautiful hair blonde. Dying your hair with a platinum shade is very damaging & during the winter season, it can be even more damaging. If you love switching up your hair shade often, switch to a darkened shade in the winter.

If you really love your blonde hair, use a semi-permanent hair color that is more shaded or darker during the winter. This will maintain the healthiness of your hair in the winter & will also allow you to switch back to your platinum shade without affecting more damage.

Go Natural

Try not to use heat-styling accessories as much as possible to keep your hair better in the cold. Although you should duck exercising too much heat on your hair all year long but it is a must in winter.

The dry air & heat will produce more damage, leaving your hair with breakage & split ends. Hence try not to style your hair excessively in winters.

Hydrate at Night

Use serums & oils recommended by My Salon Aura’s professionals at night to give your hair an added boost of hydration. Keep good oils or serums in your hair overnight & shower in the morning so you don’t have oily-looking hair all day. This is an excellent way to keep your hair healthy & hydrated during the winter.

These are some of the best ways to get your hair ready for the winter moons ahead. Trimming the dead ends regularly can also help keep your hair looking shiny & healthy. For learning more extra tips or getting a trim or a new color, schedule an appointment at My Salon Aura now. 

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