Single Process Coloring

Blonde, Brown, Black, Dark Hair Makeover

Are you searching for a nice touch up for your roots to just a cover-up treatment for those grey hair? Then a single process is perfect for you. We at Salon Aura use an ammonia-free & odourless colour that provides maximum shine & hydration.
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The single process typically refers to colouring your hair in one single colour. This includes colours that appear more natural, such as varying shades of brown, red, black, or blonde. It also incorporates trendy or wild colours, such as wine, burgundy, or even pink, green, blue, purple. The options are virtually limitless. Sometimes, single process colouring is done before adding dimensional, or it is done as part of a brand-new haircut.

Benefits Of Single Process Coloring

There are many benefits to having your hair professionally done with single-process colour. The main benefit, of course, is that it offers 100% grey coverage for all hair types. During the colouring process, shine & conditioning agents are also added to your hair. This means you will leave the salon with shinier, healthier hair than you came in with. Sometimes just altering your appearance can make you feel like a hundred bucks. This, too, can be a benefit of single process colouring. Even your confidence is enhanced when you check the result of the colour on your hair. The outlook will be unique, motivating you to feel like the best version of yourself.

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