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Top 5 Popular Men’s Haircuts: Fresh New Styles For 2021

Obviously, length is a key part of a haircut, but there is much more to men’s hair than short, medium & long. Our list covers most haircuts for men like Buzz Cut, Textured Crop Haircut, Fringe Haircuts & many more & there are several different ways to wear each cut.

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Why these haircuts are popular among men’s in 2021

There are some reasons why these men’s haircuts are so widespread for men.

  • First, they look good. That’s the goal of a haircut, right?
  • Second, these men’s haircuts are easy to style. Third, these hairstyles look great with minimal styling time & hair products.
  • The last reason is they are stylish & in style. Of course, some of these looks are more trendy than others, but they are all fresh & modern

Do not bother about using the correct terminology when going to your barber, though. Not everyone speaks or understands the same language, so it is always best to show a picture of what you exactly want.


Scroll down & pick out your next look!

Buzz Cut

Called for the buzzing sound that the clippers produce, this is the shortest men’s hairstyle. It’s a typical military cut & an excellent choice for busy lifestyles or hard-to-manage hair types. Simply cut it short & you are done. No extra styling is needed.

This is the only haircut a barber could ever suggest doing yourself. However, at-home, buzz haircuts are going to be one length all over. A blurry fade & lineup at the forehead add clean-cut edges & some style to the ultra-short look. A sharp arced line that stretches into the eyebrow creates this buzz cut extremely eye catching.


Textured Crop Haircut

Also termed as French crop, this short men’s hairstyle with fringe is a bit longer than the Caesar. This textured crop is a significant men’s hair trend that can be worn in multiple ways to suit varying hair types & styles.

All versions of this look are both cut & styled to bring out the texture. Guys with thick, wavy & curly hair have a head start. A good texturizing hair product makes the look perfect for straight hair.


Fringe Haircuts

Men’s hairstyles with fringe come in & out of fashion. To name a few, there have been mop tops, the mushroom, mod haircuts, nineties Johnny Depp, emo hair & Zac Efron. But, right now, bangs are back. Cut & wear them short, long, angled, blunt, thick or jagged. 

That’s not all, though. Any haircut with somewhat longer hair on top that can be styled up or back can also be matched with fringe.


Faux Hawk

If you’re after an exciting new look, a faux hawk can be an outstanding choice. With the edgy view of a mohawk without the high intensity, this hairstyle looks great & is simple to wear. Just be sure to make your faux hawk a bit messy to keep it fashionable.



After a style that’s easy to create, practical & fashionable? The ponytail look may just be the look for you. To get this on-trend look, increase your hair to at least the length of your shoulder. Then, sweep your mane back using your hands & loosely secure it at the nape of your neck.


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