Would Long Curly Hair Look Good On A Guy?

There are curly-haired men worldwide, but long curly hair is usually more commonly associated with women. Some regard long curly hair on a man as feminine or unmanly. 

However, long curly hair on men can also be seen as attractive depending on the circumstance. For some curly-haired guys, long curly locks can make them look more rugged & masculine rather than less masculine.


Why Is LONG Curly Hair A Popular Hairstyle For Men?

Long curly hair is a popular hairstyle for men because it can add volume & texture to a man’s hair. Long curly hair can also make a man’s face look more handsome. A long curly haircut can also make a man look younger and more stylish.

One main reason why they are so popular is that long curly hair is versatile, which means long curly hair can be styled in many different ways. Long curly hair is also easy to maintain because long curly hair does not require as much styling or fussing as straight hair every day. 

Long curly hair does not need to be washed as often as straight hair & this can be helpful for curly-haired people who are prone to oiliness or dryness. Instead of long curly hair, straight hair can be worn sleek and flat or curly.


LONG Curly Hair Can Be Styled In Many Ways

Long curly hair can be styled in many ways, including curly top knots or curly buns. These styles are perfect for men with long curly hair, as they will help keep the hair out of their face and keep it looking neat and tidy. 

However, long curly hair can also be worn in its natural curly style. This curly style is more relaxed and casual, with the curls left loose to frame the face. This is an excellent choice for men who lead active lifestyles or enjoy outdoor activities like running, cycling, hiking etc.


Caring For lONG Curly Hair

Caring for long curly locks can be difficult because long curly hair can be dryer than straight, curly locks. Still, it also tends to get very weighed down by product easier. 

So here are some tips for curly-haired guys who want their curly hair to look great.

  • Don’t Shampoo Daily.

Shampooing your long curly hair everyday will cause it to become dry and frizzy. Long curly hair needs to be washed less than straight, long curly hair. 

Most curly guys should only shampoo their curly locks about two times a week.

  • Use Conditioner

Like all hair types, Long curly hair needs Conditioner to maintain moisture and healthiness. However, curly locks tend to get more weighted by-products than other long curly hair types. 

Conditioner is curly locks’ best friend because it will help long curly hair not get so weighed down by product but still have enough moisture to look healthy.

  • Use a Diffuser

Although curly locks are naturally beautiful, curly-haired guys can use a diffuser on their curly locks if they want even more curly volume. 

Many curly hair guys with long curly hair use a diffuser on their curly locks to get more curly volume, similar to how straight-haired guys use a diffuser on their straight locks if they want even more volume.

  • Blow Dry Curly Locks

Although curly-haired men typically don’t shampoo long curly hair too frequently, curly-haired guys may need to blow dry their curly locks for work or other formal occasions. 

Long curly hair can look very bouncy and shiny when blown out using a blow drier after long curly hair is washed, so curly locks can look great when long curly hair is blown out with a blow dryer on low heat.

  • Use Styling Products with Care

Although curly locks are naturally beautiful, curly-haired guys can use styling products to get more curly volume. However, long curly hair is naturally drier than straight, so curly-haired guys must be careful when using styling products in or on their long curly hair. 

In addition, long curly hair needs lots of moisture to maintain healthiness, so curly locks can get weighed down by product quickly if curly-haired guys use the wrong styling products.


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